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Kaolin’s soul

Is set in the skillful way of making tea, known as the Kung Fu Cha ceremony, It’s more than merely drinking tea. Tea is a connection to the sacredness of nature, to the self, and to ancestral wisdom. It is a tool for establishing relationships and bridging cultures.

In the same way that tea is connected to nature, self, and ancestral wisdom, Kaolin Tiles tap into the millennia-old traditions of Chinese porcelain, infuses it with technological innovation, while respecting nature and making all our products sustainable. The finest porcelain, which holds the tea ‘cha/chi’, the life force is the same quality material used to make our tiles.

We recognize the Chinese history of porcelain and the craftsmanship behind this refined man-made product and are proud to be part of the renaissance of fine China.

Why Kaolin?

Our mission is to pave a path of Sustainable luxury. With the latest technology, and the highest standards we support our customers in creating exceptional designs.

We believe our beautiful certified sustainable porcelain, will inspire and reward every space with excellence, superior durability, and carefree living while considering our environment.



Kaolin Tiles was founded by Rita and Anton in 2020. Kaolin is a melting pot of creative people focused on clients, spaces, and an uncompromising sustainable product that heightens the senses.

Rita and Anton were raised in different cultures with similar values, interests, and loves. Sydney is one of their loves, they cherish the lifestyle, the community, and being able to raise their kids in the nature around them. 

In her younger years, Rita grew up in China around her grandmother, the family’s matriarch, where she learned about family values, became fascinated by the human experience, and community. She fell in love with literature. They moved to Australia where she was schooled in Bondi, later leaving to do her marketing degree in Europe. 

Anton is a Russian descendant but grew up in Belgium,   as an only child he was never told or entertained by the thought “it can’t be done”. He is someone who needs to know how something works, technical details allow him to be creative. He is a visionary, someone who sees the big picture.

After finishing his Business Engineering Degree and while working at a Management Consulting firm, Anton met Rita through Mandarin classes. Without any hesitation, they came back home to Sydney to settle down.  

They were working in development and designing their own home when they discovered the limited choices available in Australia, compared to what they saw on their family trip through Europe and Asia where construction material is such a crucial part of the design. They have been fortunate enough to travel through countries where they were influenced and inspired by the extent a building was dressed up, the decisive expression of colours, confident cultures, styles, and materials, notably the beautiful brickwork used in Copenhagen. The artistic powerhouse and beauty of St Petersburg and the pioneering ambitious sustainable architecture of Singapore.


Rita’s family has always produced beautifully crafted, colourful tiles for the global market through a -state-of-the-art Manufacturing plant. While visiting their impressive showroom in China, it dawned on them they could offer it here in Sydney, Anton visited the manufacturing plant and was immediately taken by the technical accuracy of the tiles, the innovation, the history, and craftsmanship that went into the porcelain. And like they say the rest is history…



They both have a way about them –

Rita is a perceptual communicator who wants to make meaningful connections, she is insightful, spiritual, and open to knowing your story. She cares deeply about mountains and loves the Blue Mountains.  

Anton is an authoritative communicator who will know his facts, he is a quiet doer, directing the company pretty much off his phone. Anton has a deep desire to change the status quo, and to make a better world. He too loves the Blue Mountains.

Involved in the arts, design, and development Anton and Rita have attracted like-minded people, who love the peace of mind that comes from selling 100% green-certified sustainable products.