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We work with the best only

We work with the highest level manufacturers from Foshan. Those manufacturers are very known, long-established with the best reputation across China, Asia and the rest of the world.



Largest Top Brands

We work with the industry leader, known for their innovation and excellence. All of them are long-established brands renowned for stability and quality, with a production capacity of up to 150,000sqm a day and up to 50 productions lines.



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Unique Niche Players

As we would like to bring the best to Australian market, we source our products from state-of-the-art specialised niche players who demonstrate innovation, dedication, and performance. They are the disrupters of the market and provide unique products that have not been seen yet by the mass market.



Capital Of Ceramics

Foshan is a major city of Guangdong Provence. It is called ‘Ceramic Capital of The South’ with a history of more than 5,000 years in ceramic making. Foshan enjoys a very favourable location, neighbouring Guangzhou in the east and Hong Kong and Macao in the south.



Strong Brand Advantage

The amount and scale of the ceramic companies in Foshan is unparalleled. More than half of the famous ceramic trademarks come from Foshan. The ceramic brands from Foshan areas prestigious and influential in the market. Most of the ceramic companies here boast large scales and are more risk-resistant. There are large manufacturing bases in the Chancheng District and Sanshui District of Foshan, all being capable of mass production.



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Leading Technological Equipment

Most new products, new patterns, new techniques and new equipment in China’s ceramic market come from Foshan. It is safe to say that Foshan leads the development trend of China’s ceramic industry. There are nearly 1000 production lines in Foshan, most of which are equipped with advanced facilities, such as the 5000-ton and 7200-ton presses. The equipment is efficient, highly automated and energy-conserving.



The Hub Of Industrial Talents

Foshan pools and trains numerous technological and managerial talents in China’s ceramic industry, which lays the foundation forming Foshan to lead the industry nationwide. For instance, the once-firing and twice-firing technology of wall and floor tiles, the fast-firing technology at low temperature, the roller printing technology and the micro-powder production technology develop in Foshan have been extensively adopted. New products are launched one after another.



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Rapid Growth Of Export Business

Since 2000, the export volume of ceramic products surge year by year. The ceramic products manufactured in Foshan have been exported to over 150 countries and regions. Seated in the Pearl River Delta, Foshan enjoys favourable business environment. Easy access, superior raw materials, rise of private ceramic businesses, and introduction of private investment are all contribute to the growth of the ceramic industry in Foshan. The operation cost and management efficiency is far better than that of other producing areas.



Gigantic Display Outlet

The ceramics marketplace in Foshan totals more than 1 million square meters. The China Ceramics Expo City and the China Ceramics Town cover an area of 600,000sqm and 60,000sqm, respectively. Other marketplaces include not only the wholesale marketplaces such as the International Ceramics Exhibition Center, the Chengnan Marketplace, the Zhiye Marketplace and the Huayi Decoration Marketplace, but the Ceramics Street on the Jiangwan Road and the Ceramics Street on the Nanzhuang Avenue. The annual sales is over 10 billion RMB.



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Sound Supporting Network

The ceramic industry in Foshan in highly concentrated. The supporting industries that specialise in ceramic machines, raw materials, accessories and specialty media grow as well. Ceramic machinery and equipment manufacturers such as Litai and Keda in Foshan manufactures 80% of the ceramic press and 85% of polished presses in China. T&H Glaze, the largest glaze business in Asia is based in Foshan. Several hundred companies that specialise in rollers, fire-resistant materials, molds, accessories and sieves form a complete network that provides supporting services.