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Choosing the right tiles for your space

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Tile ratings help you find the best tile to fit your needs. The ratings denote durability, variation, and even slip resistance.
You’ll encounter three tile ratings:


The texture varies on the tile. The more textured the surface, the safer the tile is for use outdoors or in a bathroom. The higher the number on the tile, the lower the risk of slipping. If you are using tile in your bathroom, you’ll want to pick a high slip rating to prevent falling.
Slip ratings are based on what is referred to as a ‘pendulum test’. The test examines the friction between wet tile and a standard shoe. The numbers range from P0 to P5. You’ll find that a P1 tile feels remarkably smooth. A P2 is a wonderful tile that is frequently used in multiple living areas. A P3 tile is ideal for outdoor use and a P4 and P5 are acceptable in a bathroom or around a pool.


Wear rating gives you an indication of how well the tile will stand up to foot traffic. The rating ranges from 1 to 5. A 1 rating is a tile that is suitable for only light-duty such as in a bedroom, but a 5 rating can stand up to heavy-duty wear and is great for public walkways or businesses. A tile with a 0 rating can only be used on walls.


You can find tile in a wide array of colours. Some even mimic the look of brick or wood. Variation ratings let you know how different tiles vary. A V1 means that the tiles are all very uniform in appearance. Tile with a rating of a V4 has a great deal of variation between tiles. With a high variation rating, you get a great deal of contrast.

If you want your tiles to all look about the same, then you should pick a V0 or V1-rated tile.