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Different Batch, Different Shade Tiles

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Many people fall in love with a tile and they make the purchase but the under-buy.  When they need more tile they search for a match but typically fail to find tile with a similar appearance. Sadly, they encounter the problem of a ‘different batch, different shade’.

The terminology, ‘different batch, different shade’ refers to the fact that every batch of tile looks slightly different when you compare it to another batch. Every bath varies in shade and even size compared to the last. The reason for the discrepancies is:

  • Kiln temperature
  • Slight changes in glaze mix
  • Varying tonality (shade/color)
  • Calibration differences

Tiles are made from natural clays and silicas that end up reacting differently during the entire firing process. Also, tiles are always sorted at the factory and packaged by factoring in tolerances, shade, and size.  They are also separated by first grade, second grade, or commercial quality.

Please be aware that the batches do differ a great deal and sometimes even dramatically. If you mix the tiles from different batches in one room the differences are usually very noticeable. Ideally, when buying tile, always over buy so you have enough and purchase all of the tiles from the same batch so they match.

At Kaolin, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. As a leading manufacturer, we know and understand tiles so we always make sure that we sell from a single batch to a client and we take great strides to never mix different batch tiles. We want your flooring project to turn out stunning and we know that in order to achieve such harmony that the tiles need to match.


To learn more about matching tiles, please contact Kaolin today.