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Don’t just follow a trend

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So where do these trends and styles in porcelain tile manufacturing come from? It’s a combination of the design capitals in the world, cross-pollinating, into manufacturing industries. These new looks are presented at the 4 well-known fairs, Cersaie, Canton Fair, Cevisima, and Coverings.

From the 2 major hubs being Italy and China we are seeing vibrant imitations of luxurious natural stone porcelain slabs. This natural stone look has been used for centuries in a variety of fashions, proving it definitive and ageless.

Biophilia, the pandemic ‘trend’ that everyone is jumping on, can have its downside. In man’s attraction to all things natural, there is a destructive force. Natural wood or stone, particularly marble, which is not sustainably grown – is limited, pushing the prices up and making it even more exclusive. This is really counter to what this whole movement is about. Resulting in really “a loss of respect” for the natural world. This is why, moving forward we will keep seeing incredible detail in authentic-looking timber and natural stone porcelain tiles.

In conclusion, looking around the world and to the future, these new imitations of natural materials are here to stay. They’re luxurious, affordable, and easy to maintain. Embrace them with your own style, and set a new trend.