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First Choice vs Second Choice Tiles

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Tile is mass produced. During manufacture, the tiles go through several quality checks to make sure that each batch meets a specific criterion of quality and appearance. However variances happen for many reasons such as firing the tiles incorrectly which can create irregularities. Watermarks, discolorations, bubbles, and other imperfections mar the tile’s appearance. In such instances, it will not pass the quality check. First choice vs second choice tiles basically means that first choice tile passes all quality checks and second choice tiles fail due to the above-mentioned problems.

Picking First Choice vs. Second Choice Tiles


If you are shopping on a budget then you might wonder if you should pick first choice vs. second choice tiles to save money. It’s true that some of the tiles created by manufacturers have imperfections which makes them ‘second choice tiles. They are not so bad that they have to be completely rejected. Typical imperfections include cracked glaze, slight changes in size, and print issues.  If a tile is warped, it is automatically discarded. Second choice tiles are fit for laying but only have visual problems.

Guaranteeing First Choice Tiles


At Kaolin, we know the difference between first choice vs. second choice tiles and we only offer first choice to our customers. We take great pride in our products and only want our clients purchasing and using the best. Unfortunately, other tile manufacturers simply cannot tell the difference between first choice quality tiles  vs. second choice tiles and they will sell products with imperfections.

Common Problems with Second Choice Tiles


Common problem with second choice tiles includes:

  • Chipped edges: The chips might not be noticeable and occur during forming and baking.
  • Off shade: When different shades are present on the various tiles.
  • Wrong color: Tiles are often a different color than they are supposed to be.
  • Glaze imperfections: Imperfections can arise during firing. You’ll see uneven lines and pin holes.

Ideally, you are laying flooring that you want to last and look amazing so you should avoid second choice tiles.


To learn more about Kaolin’s first choice tiles, please contact us.