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Fundamentals to Effortless Interior Space

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One of the best design fundamentals that you can use is tile. Create an impressive backdrop using textured, geometric, or patterned tile to create a focal point. It will inspire emotion and personality. Try to pick a tile design that truly highlights your personality.


Try repeating a pattern using colour, shape, and texture. You can pick hexagonal tiles for a dramatic visual impact. Duplicate the tile pattern you choose with other items such as printed cushions, vases, lamps, or a rug.
Texture can dramatically alter the room’s ambiance, so why not focus on strong colours to make a real ‘wow factor.’ Try using tiles, stones, and bricks to give a varied surface and give the room a laid-back feel.
Use oversized items in the room, such as a large floral arrangement or a pendant light that instantly attracts attention. A floor-to-selling backdrop is also a terrific way to inspire visitors. You can contrast the backdrop with a brightly coloured chair or loveseat.
Art galleries use light to display precious portraits. You can do the same thing with an impressive tile backdrop and lights to form depth.
To create an effortless interior space, start by adding a splash back or a tile wall that is in full view. You can continually update the space in a year as your taste or design needs change.
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