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How to Give Your Home a Makeover With Bold Coloured Tile

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Let’s go a little bit zany in the bathroom with bright colours and zig zag tile accents on a wall. They can make a small room seem large. Gold tiles are very showstopping, especially when coupled with a pristine white.
Are inspired tiles in the bathroom are also rising in popularity. You can make an entire shower into a pristine palette of art.
Tile chunks mixed with traditional tiles are also being used to form bold patterns that create focus. You just have to be incredibly careful not to be overwhelmed with the patterns.
The bathroom is also a great place to go floor to ceiling with tile. You can use one tile style throughout to create symmetry and flow.


Are you embarking on a kitchen makeover? Why not go with bold tilework that still maintains a traditional shape and style. You just want to focus on unexpected colours. Try to pick brave colors that are not too overpowering but still pop when you enter the room. Unique splashes of color make the room come alive and definitely feel like the hub of the residence. The tile should pair well with the cabinetry while adding flair and texture.
In the kitchen tiles with a metallic sheen have risen in popularity. They definitely compliment appliances nicely and give a glisten to the area.


Of all the rooms in a home that are often overlooked when performing a home makeover, the laundry room tops the list. However, it’s a fun room to explore bold tile creations. Try a black and white patterned tile on the wall and then opt for a lighter flooring. You can make the entire space come alive, so it feels fresh and unique.
Hexagonal tiles in the laundry room are also a great way to mix things up and explore colours.
These are just a few bold tile colour ideas for your home makeover. Contact Kaolin to learn more about the various tiles.