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How to Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger Using Tiles?

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Even though you should choose lighter colours, you can still pick more than one colour theme to create visual interest. Go with a tone-on-tone colour pattern such as mixing whites, soft blues, or beiges.
Always focus on matching both the floor and wall tile to create a harmonious look. Everything should flow within the room, which includes both the walls and floors.


You might want to consider installing a skylight or sun tubes to bring more natural light into the room. When light floods a room and flows across the large format tiles, the room seems more expansive.


Pick plain coloured tiles that are not patterned or have any contrasting-coloured accents. Picking light-coloured tile expands the perception of the room. Using cream and natural tones is a classic tried and true tip for making any small room feel larger.


As mentioned, large format tiles will make any room look visually larger. The larger the tile, the greater the visual impact. With residential tiles, you can choose from a wide assortment of shapes and styles but if the room is tiny, go large when choosing tiles.
A large-scale tile usually measures at least 38 centimeters or larger. Choose square or rectangular shapes. The large sizes will trick your eyes into seeing more space.