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Introducing Colour Into Minimalist Interior Spaces

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In city flats and other urban growth areas, the trend of industrial minimalism has taken hold. It’s all about using shapes and letting space breathe. Pick modern and sleek seating and tables. Choose a high pile area rug to add comfort to the room. Add in metal light fixtures, and you have a very edgy look that is clean and stylish. You can pick feature tiles in green mixes or black and white to enhance the sophisticated vibe.


This style is a form of excess mixed with a minimal appearance. Use velvet or sculptural furniture along with tables of marble. Combine distinctive shapes in the room without overdoing it. You want the room to feel comfortable and like a place you want to lounge. Pick jewel tones and mix them with neutrals. Everything should have simple lines to create luxurious decor that is both simple and chic. It should be the perfect room for casual entertaining or to relax on the weekend.


Space layout matters when creating contemporary minimalist decor. It should be warm and inviting with deep and comfortable seating, patterned rugs, pillows, feature tiles, and some art. The colour matching in the room features soft neutrals combined with warm woods to create a relaxing atmosphere. The room should appear big and functional.
Please contact Kaolin to learn about our many feature tile choices that can help you create the perfect minimalist room decor.

Colour and Design for Minimalist Interior Spaces

Here are a few ideas on colour and design for your minimalist interior spaces.

Modern Minimalism

Create a streamlined room using woven textures, feature tiles, and comfy sofas and chairs. Anchor everything together with a strong colour palette that boasts mid-century designs.