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Small Spaces with Big Possibilities

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Small powder rooms or bathrooms look exceptional with rectangular tiles. You can install the tiles either vertically or horizontally. You can even set them at a 25 percent offset to create a visual impact or go with a straight line.


You can choose square tiles for a small bathroom or utility room – even larger-sized ones. Vary the installation pattern by going diagonal. Pick either glossy or polished tiles to help reflect the light. You can also go with a matte effect.


Many people worry that decorative tiles are just too busy for a smaller space. However, they are effective at creating visual interest if used correctly. You can combine four or more of the same tile in a small space without overdoing things. If you use decorative tiles on the floor, then be sure to pick a subtle wall color. Textures are a great way to vary the colour tone and make a bold statement.


A large format tile has far fewer grout lines. It gives a smooth appearance because of the lack of excessive grout lines, making things appear more expansive for a spacious feel and soothing ambiance.


Wood creates softness in any room. Tiles made to look like wood planks are durable and can withstand the water and humidity of a small bathroom – unlike natural wood. Place the wood planks on floors or use them on the walls of the bath and shower. When entering the room, you will feel like you are enveloped in rustic decor and forget the limited space.

Decorating small spaces gives you ample opportunities to have some fun with the decor. At Kaolin, we offer a wide array of tiles to meet your needs. Please contact us to learn more.