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Terrazzo Look Tiles

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Terrazzo tiles are a visual masterpiece. They offer depth and variance. Small speckles capture the light and create a textured appearance. The varied tones offer a whimsical air that many consider charming and glamorous.

What are Terrazzo Look Tiles?

A combination of marble, quartz, granite, shell, and other materials that are epoxied together using a binder or cement. The floor is then honed to a high shine. The time and effort that goes into creating a terrazzo floor is why this form of flooring is so expensive. However, Terrazzo tiles look fabulous and are a far more affordable option than traditional terrazzo flooring.


Why are Terrazzo Look Tiles So Popular?

The popularity of terrazzo look tiles has increased substantially because they are affordable, durable, and look outstanding. All you need to do to keep them looking fantastic is to sweep and mop occasionally.

Terrazzo tiles are exceptionally popular because they are not overly slippery which makes them an ideal choice for families with young children or elderly individuals.

The Appearance of Terrazzo Tiles

The wide array of colours and designs make terrazzo tile a great option to create a truly custom look in your home. You can pick warm brown tones, tiles with a punch of colour, or go with varied cool and contemporary whites. Some designs feature oversized chips coupled with smaller flecks. Many have a subtle appearance and others are dramatic.

Choosing Terrazzo Like Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are manufactured masterpieces. You can place the tiles anywhere in your home. When installed in the living area or kitchen, the rooms take on a very polished appearance. Bathrooms are also another favourite located for terrazzo tiles because they are easy to clean. They resist staining, chips, and cracks. Each one is exceptionally durable.

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