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Tiles: Indoor Outdoor Combination

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Historically, bringing indoor tiles outdoors was a no-no due to their slipperiness. However, many homeowners want their indoor tile to flow to their outdoor kitchens, lanais, sitting areas, or pool surrounds. The open-concept floor plans created designated living spaces outside and the delineation between the indoors and outdoors becomes blurred as each area merges.


Within the indoor/outdoor transitional space, the comforts that comprise the indoor living area combined with the advantages of the outdoor space. You can enjoy the fresh air, natural surroundings, spacious and outdoor activities without forfeiting the comforts of the indoors. What a great way to enjoy mild weather. However, you can also alter your outdoor space with the addition of fireplaces, covered patios, fans, heated floors, pools, and indoor-outdoor combination tiles.


Transitional living spaces must withstand the elements which mean rain, heavy use, stains, leaves, debris, heat, humidity, sunlight, and even snow/ice. The flooring must be durable, stylish, and strong. Our porcelain tile will meet and exceed your needs.



The porcelain tile forms a mat that is stain, flame, water, scratch, dent, and scuff resistant. It looks fantastic year-round and flows into your home’s interior with each. In addition, it is an economical choice.


Low Maintenance


Don’t let mud or wet floors worry you. Our tiles stain resistance will hold up against bacteria, mildew, and mold. You can easily sweep and clean the tile using water and a broom.



Slip resistance is a must because the tile can get wet. We have a slip rating P5 (we also offer other slip ratings to meet your unique needs)  which affords optimum safety where you need it the most such as near the jacuzzi or around the pool. In addition, our tiles are also fire resistant.


Weather Resistance

Any transition area with indoor and outdoor tile must be resistant to weather extremes. Our tile can withstand freeze-thaw cycling.


Tiles can create the perfect indoor and outdoor flooring combination to create the perfect transitional living space for the home. The matching tile ensures that there is flow in your decor so everything looks fantastic. Please contact us to learn more.