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Tips to Add Space and Value to Your Bathroom

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Within every bathroom, whether large or small, you need almost the same essentials. Making effective use of the space helps to make it larger (even if it’s tiny).
A recessed cistern helps to make the room seem larger. Also, adding light tile around the area can give the walls a sleek appearance that flows into the flooring.
A straight-lined sink or one of the modern floating vanity styles is also an option to free up floor space.
If you have a small bathroom, then why not pick a bathroomware piece that is slightly smaller. A small bath measures about 10 to 20 cm shorter than a standard-sized bath. It will free up more space.
When picking floor tile, consider adding variation and texture instead of going with the traditional solid hues.


You’ll want to save on the project’s costs and not let them get out of hand. If the layout of the bathroom is fine, then you can use the existing fixtures instead of revamping the bathroom and rearranging it. Think of it as refreshing instead of reinventing. Your pocketbook will think you.
Replace old, outdated taps and plumbing fixtures with new, modern models that afford a clean appearance. Do the same with showerheads if it’s a mixer tap.
Wrapping Up the Bathroom Space Saving Ideas

Avoid changing the bathroom layout
Keep your bathroom’s existing tap profile
Plan strategic storage with shelving and recessed cabinets.
Use a combination of mirrors and tiles to create an illusion of space and make it feel like the room is more open.