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What is the Best Option for Flooring in Investment Property?

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Will you be updating the flooring in your investment property? Whether you recently bought real estate or you are giving an existing home a makeover, you will want to weigh your flooring options.

Investment Property Flooring Options

You have three common flooring choices: carpet, tile, and wood. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring has been a standby for decades.


  • Comfortable: It is warm and cozy with a soft texture that is ideal in cold climates.
  • Safety: It creates a soft cushion for toddlers and elderly who might fall frequently.


  • Maintenance: Requires regular vacuuming and deep cleaning to keep it stain-free.
  • Stains and Tears: Can tear or stain, especially in high use areas that sustains a lot of foot traffic.

Timber Flooring

Timber flooring adds warmth and ambiance to any home.


  • Easy to maintain: With regular sweeping and light mopping the flooring looks fantastic.
  • Versatile: Provides a soft appearance to any room and goes well with a wide array of furnishings.


  • Damages easily: Easily damaged by moisture which can bubble or warp the wood. It can also scratch and dent.
  • Sealing: Requires regular sealing to maintain its shine.


Tile flooring is neat and clean in appearance.


  • Durable: Tile looks fantastic for years. It resists water damage and can stand up to scratching for moving furniture or a pet’s toenails.
  • Great Variation: You can pick from a wide array of tiles such as porcelain, travertine, and more. Tile has a variety of appearances such as concrete, polished, timber-look, and lappato.
  • Price: You can pick from high-end and affordable tiles.


  • Hard surface: The surface of tile is awfully hard.
  • Lacks warmth: In cold climates, tile feels exceptionally cold.
  • Weight: Tile is exceptionally heavy.


Tile is an affordable option for any investment property and continues to look fantastic for years with minimal care. You don’t have to worry about staining, tearing, scratching, or denting.


If you are interested in tile flooring, please contact Kaolin to learn more about our tiles.