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What is The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Tiles?

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You can enjoy the beauty of tile indoors or outdoors. They are highly versatile and exceptionally durable. Have you been considering tile for your home? It’s important that you make the correct tile choice for the location. In this article, you will learn the difference between indoor and outdoor tiles.


Below are just a few benefits of outdoor tiles and why you should choose them instead of indoor tiles.
Sunlight Tolerance: Indoor tiles have not been fashioned to tolerate frost or direct sunlight. However, outdoor tiles can handle everything Mother Nature throws at them.
Textures Surface: Outdoor tiles are typically fashioned with a textured surface which makes it safer during rain, frost, or icy conditions. The gritty, uneven surface provides better traction if the surface becomes wet.
Slip Resistance: Slip resistant tiles can accumulate an excess of dirt and debris so they will require regular cleaning and maintenance to look good year round.
Glaze for Freezing and Thawing Cycles: Outdoor tiles are fashioned tougher than indoor tiles so they can put up with freeze/thaw cycles during the cold winter months and will not crack.


Most indoor tiles are fashioned from ceramic, slate, marble, or porcelain. Outdoor tiles are usually made from stone, mosaic, and ceramic. Remember, porcelain tiles are typically denser than ceramic tiles because they are created from an exceptionally fine powdered clay that is pressured together through force and heat.


Tile gives any home a modern flair. When picking tiles remember, that not all tiles can be used outdoors. The wrong tile will experience corrosion or damage from the shifting weather conditions. Many tile types cannot take drastic temperature changes.