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All Fresh 2023

Kaolin is a proud sponsor of ALL FRESH 2023 Live in Art Gallery 21-31 March. Exhibiting 26 of Australia's outstanding Chinese Artists.

Artist, Curator – GUAN Wei


To read up on each artist visit ALL FRESH

Curated by Guan Wei, this exhibition brings one of the most thought-provoking cultural art events to Sydney. It showcases 26 outstanding Chinese-Australian artists, all of whom are celebrated in the art field. These artists have won multiple awards, including the Archibald and Sulman Prizes, as well as international awards. They have also exhibited their works at prestigious venues such as the National Gallery of Australia, the MCA, the Guggenheim, and others around the world. If you missed the exhibition you can see it at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Sydney 1/151 Castlereagh Street.