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Earth to Earth | Architects Declare Preview our Future Range

In a remarkable convergence of art, nature, and sustainability, We recently launched our Future Range to Architects Declare and other professionals who care about sustainability. Titled "Earth to Earth," the event delved into the intricate cycles of life, nature's beauty, artistic creation, and the pressing need for sustainable practices within the construction industry.

Why is Kaolin doing so much for sustainability?

Knowing where we come from helps us to know where we are going.

The event began with an impactful speech by Anton, he posed a thought-provoking question to the audience: Why is Kaolin doing so much for sustainability? The answer; because we all have a job to do.

We all have a significant impact on global carbon emissions in the construction industry, contributing up to 40% of the total.  Architects, manufacturers, and all stakeholders involved in construction have a monumental responsibility to take action and drive sustainability.

Kaolin is steadfast in our dedication to setting the standard and calling upon the architectural industry to do the same. It is crucial that together we take action and initiate this change. Let us not wait any longer to make a positive impact.

The highlight of the evening was the enlightening discourse delivered by our distinguished guest speaker, Master Ceramic Sculptor Chris Ma. Renowned internationally for his artistic brilliance and educational contributions, Chris Ma’s insights into his  “Earth to Earth” artwork showcased the juxtaposition of porcelain clay and red bricks, highlighting life’s dichotomies of fragility and strength, one red, one white; one thick, one thin; one firm, one soft; one addressing objects, the other humanity.

These materials bore the essence of creativity and messages, inevitably dissolving into themselves regardless of the form they assumed, showcasing the intrinsic transience – a natural course of impermanence. The alignment between Ma’s artistic philosophy and Kaolin Tiles’ sustainable practices was evident, with the company’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing and adherence to porcelain craftsmanship.

Staun our National Sales Manager, presented the Future Range. A comprehensive and cost-effective solution for large-scale construction projects, starting at $35m² not only does it addresses the industry’s sustainability crisis but also makes sustainable products accessible and affordable. The proposed collections cater to diverse preferences, sizes, and finishes, ensuring they align seamlessly with slip-resistance requirements and

can be tailored depending on the needs. See the Future Range here. The evening’s significance extended beyond presentations and discussions. It was a call to action, urging architects and designers to translate their rhetoric on sustainability into action. By partnering with Kaolin Tiles and incorporating sustainable tiles into their projects, they have the power to transform the landscape of the construction industry.