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Tiles are not just a simple construction material; it is a fashion. It is the first thing you see when you walk into any space that gives you the first impression and for many years to come.
How to use porcelain tiles to create a beautiful working and living space?


“Tiles are not just a simple construction material; it is a fashion. It is the first thing you see when you walk into any space that gives you the first impression and for many years to come. After living for many years in Europe and Asia and having extensive experience in development and architecture, we would like tosee more unique and bold designs and tile applications in Australia.


Backed by a world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturer, we can not only provide the most exclusive looks, but also guarantee arguably the best quality of tiles in the world. We are proud of the most unique choice we offer.”

– From Kaolin Director Anton Bourtsev –



Stone is the universal form of natural strength and substance. After thousands of years of compression, it manifests underground and on the surface in an endless variety of sedimentary expression.

We accelerate Nature’s process, producing stone-look finishes that replicate organic compounds, with veins that feel infinitely close to the real thing. Our pieces make the warmth and power of natural stone available in large formats that are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.



Marble is produced when natural limestone is recrystallised under the influence of heat and pressure.

Celebrating this classic look that has inspired artists and architects across the ages, our selection integrally replicates marble’s characteristic veining and offers more options in size, shape and even colour than Nature can provide.

A traditional luxury for kitchens, bathrooms and hotel lobbies, our Marble Look will also heighten the grandeur of a living space or bedroom and makes an opulent statement on the façades of residential and commercial developments.



Blurring the lines between art and the natural form, these sublime compositions are specially chosen for their beauty and drama.

Our Showpiece Looks are more than just an ornament to enhance the aesthetic feeling of a space. Each is an absolute protagonist endowed with vigour and vitality that will set the tone for everything else in the environment.

While traditional thinking is to apply this power in moderation, most of our patterns are repeatable so you can seamlessly continue their strong presence, making them a bold character in a prestige showroom, restaurant or VIP establishment.



Every city reflects the life and presence of the people.

Concrete is composed of stone, sand or gravel and a fluid cement, so it can easily be poured and moulded into the exact shape that an environment requires before it hardens and cures over time. Free from distractions, neutral industrial space is the blank canvas of the 20th century. These ranges do not compete for attention, making them the perfect pairing for our Precious Stone Range.

Compared to classic concrete, our pieces have a wide range of options in texture and colour. Our pieces also have advantages over bespoke decorative finishes, which will be less durable.



Demonstrating the freedom afforded to us by our cutting-edge manufacturing systems, our Feature Looks are a celebration of our favourite textiles, rendered on our enduring Kaolin tile.

Ideal for your home or working environment, it can introduce the motif of a material (eg. Timber), textile (eg. Canvas) or style (eg. Art Tile) that plays a role in a lifestyle or business, presenting it in a polished finished. This is a popular choice in small or large format applications.



Venture beyond borders into the realm of limitless expression. Our large-format tiles are a valuable ally of the Kaolin range, providing a luxurious sense of spaciousness that evokes feelings of liberty, power and triumph.

Seasoned designers will relish the opportunity to scale new heights and enjoy the freedom to express themselves in such bold statements with these large, dramatic finishes. A special selection of pieces from each of our looks is available as Paramount Products.