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Our Manufacturer

Our Manufacturer

Founded in 1995, Guanxing Ceramics has been recognised as one of China’s top 10 ceramics companies for eight consecutive years. It is globally recognised that the highest level of quality is brought to customers by the renowned brands – Romario, Gusto, Guanxingwang and more.

The company is one of the most famous ceramic enterprises with large domestic demand, upscale products in a variety of tile categories. It owns the fixed assets of RMB 380 million, 3,500 employees and an annual output of more than 38 million sqm.

Our Strengths

  • 1.Top 10 in China

    Not only has Guanxing Ceramics been recognised as one of the top 10 brands in China, every year several of our products get awarded with several privileges and titles. All our brands are well-known in the industry for its innovation, quality, unique products and impressive showrooms.

  • 2.Innovation

    As an innovative ceramic enterprise, at Guanxing we specialised in R&D, design and production of new environmental building porcelain. Innovation does not only get translated in its look and design, but also in the incomparable quality and durability.

  • 3.Sustainable Manufacturing

    Our sustainable factory is CO2 neutral, by offsetting its emissions. All waste is being recycled.

  • 4.Top Quality Clay

    Clay is being sourced and selected from the highest quality quarries. That level results in the purest porcelain tile body.

  • 5.Highest Printing Resolution

    As a company that is specialising in mimicking natural precious stone in its highest form, investment in the latest printing technology is the key. Our printers are able to achieve layered 720 DPI, print highest in the world.

  • 6.State-Of-The-Art Kiln

    Natural gas creates stability and consistency in tile production. Our tiles come out of the kiln with a high density and hardness. That consistency also results in minimal bowing.

  • 7.Highest Level Of Polishing

    Polished tiles are popular in the Asian market and our company is a leader in that area. Our high polished tiles are being polished up to 3000 mesh and achieve 95% luminosity – the highest in its field.

  • 8.Artificial Intelligence Warehouse

    Our AI warehouse can store up to 70 millionsqm of tiles and is excelling in its reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Porcelanosa and Guanxing are the only two brands in the tiles industry having this kind of technology.


Come explore our three impressive VR showrooms in China.