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Different Styles of Bathroom Tiles

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Are you looking for different styles of bathroom tiles for a remodel? A bathroom is an important room in the home and a wise makeover investment if you plan on selling soon. The ROI on a modest bathroom remodel hovers at around 70.1%, according to Zillow. Picking the perfect bathroom tiles is imperative to ensure visual appeal.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of different styles of bathroom tiles.



You’ll find a wide array of selection if you pick ceramic tile. Colors, sizes, finishes, shapes, and textures all vary considerably to create whatever mood you want. You can even find ceramic tile that mimics the look of wood.

Ceramic tiles are easy to install because they break easily, and they are virtually maintenance free. Glazed ceramic tiles do not absorb water which makes them a great choice for bathrooms. However, remember that ceramic tiles are not as impervious to water as porcelain, but they are more affordable.



Stone tiles have soared in popularity. They are often formed from granite, slate, marble, or limestone. The texture varies from tumbled, sandblasted, cleft, or etched. You’ll find many colors that boast reds, blues, and greens. Stone tiles do require maintenance and are more expensive than ceramic tiles.



A favored choice for a bathroom remains porcelain. It is durable, absorbs extraordinarily little water, stain resistant and scratch resistant. Porcelain is a clay that undergoes kiln drying at extremely high temperatures that exceed that of ceramic. You can buy porcelain tiles in many colors. It is also available to look strikingly like stone. Porcelain tiles are the preferred choice if you will be installing a radiant heat source.

Without a doubt, porcelain tiles are a premium choice and one of the best for a bathroom. If you would like to learn more, please contact Kaolin.