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The Art of Porcelain

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DIMORA, dwelling in Italian is the collective name of three unique collections, each one inspired by its distinct style and creativity.

In the world of design, collaborations have the power to transcend boundaries and redefine standards. Together, we are proud to unveil The Dimora Collections – a testament to the remarkable synergy between Greg Natale, an icon in the field of design, and Kaolin Tiles, a powerhouse in porcelain tile craftsmanship.

Greg Natale, celebrated as a top 100 interior designer globally, and Kaolin, a premier porcelain tile manufacturer at the pinnacle of the industry, will be unveiling The Dimora Collection, a testament to what can be achieved when leaders in design and porcelain tile craftsmanship unite to push the boundaries of their respective fields. This collection stands out on the global stage for its innovation, quality, and artistic expression with colours and textures that were never achieved in porcelain tile manufacturing. We eagerly anticipate introducing you to this masterpiece that represents a new horizon in design and craftsmanship.


Collection 1 | VILLA.

The Villa collection is a magnificent creation that embodies Greg’s signature style, brought to life through expert craftsmanship by our artisans at Kaolin. With its striking black and brass geometric designs, this collection adds an exclusive touch of metropolitan luxury to any sophisticated interior. These porcelain marble look slabs possess a high-end quality that showcases the unique strengths and styles of both Greg Natale and Kaolin. Not only do these tiles offer a luxurious appearance, but they are also low maintenance and suitable for use in wet areas and on floors. With the Villa collection, you can achieve that layered luxury with the rich embellished marble look at a fraction of the cost, without compromising on quality.

Olmo | Melzi | Balbiano | Rotonda

Collection 2 | GROTTA.

The Grotta collection comprises four tiles featuring modernist, simplified designs that echo the 1970s Brutalist movement. This exploration of natural forms through industrial materials like concrete, brick, and bronze, alongside reduced shapes, neutral tones, and decorative textures, emphasizes the raw beauty of urban design. The collection represents abstract constructivism, blending the innovations of industrial design with architecture. It highlights Kaolin’s craftsmanship, praised within the industry for achieving some of the most technically complex and intricate textures. Textures such as plaster, cardboard, burnt wood, and copper have never before been realized in porcelain tile manufacturing and stand out for their uniqueness. The applications for these tiles are vast, suitable not only for residential spaces but also for commercial settings that favour a Brutalist and industrial design approach.

Matera | Altamira | Laas Gaal | Bora

Collection 3 | CASA.

Casa is comprised of two geometric tiles synonymous with the high-end, maximalist qualities and eclecticism present within a Milanese design. By exploring elements of sophisticated Italian aesthetics through muted, tonal pallets, these tiles are versatile, design-forward creations suited to any modern interior. This collection has a soft and warm woven look finish with playful colours.

Venice | Milano


Don’t miss out.

This collaboration represents not only an impressive achievement by the teams of Greg Natale and Kaolin but also holds a personal significance for Greg himself, as it reflects his roots and family. Likewise, Anton and Rita, the owners of Kaolin, share a mutual objective with Greg to push the boundaries of interior

design, setting new benchmarks that foster creativity with materials. Both family businesses are excited to unveil more about the “Dimora” collection, confident it will resonate on a global scale and mark a significant milestone in the industry.