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Polished Tiles vs Matte Tiles

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Laying down glossy tiles instantly makes any room feel more spacious. It is comparable to adding a mirror to the room. Light instantly reflects from the tiles to create a wide open illusion. The room seems wider and more spacious. Polished tiles are the optimum choice for a bathroom, hallway, or small room that you want to look more expansive.

Polished tiles make any room lighter and brighter. They can brighten up a low light space because light bounces off the shiny finish.

The smooth texture of the glossy surface makes them easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe them down to keep the glossy surface looking pristine. The smooth, silky surface always looks flawless.


Matte tiles lack the luster and shine of glossy versions, but the surface is somewhat textured which affords better traction. High traffic areas that experience humidity, water, and stem benefit from the non-slip surface. Many people opt to use matte tiles in a kitchen, bathroom, hallway or around a pool where the non-slip surface creates a safe area.

Gloss tiles reveal every speck, stain, smudge, or dried water droplet but matte tiles hide blemishes and don’t require frequent cleaning to keep them looking flawless.

Matte tiles give any room a natural or rustic feel. You can use them in combination with wood, cement, or stone for added visual contrast. Choose tiles in warm, earthy tones to promote a calming environment where you can relax and let your troubles slip away.

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