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Better Future | Sydney Design Awards 2023

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Shortlisted in the prestigious Interior Design – Flagships & Showrooms award category

Kaolin Tiles Gallery was designed to showcase and embrace the principles of Kaolin, The culture it was built on and to celebrate the 100% sustainable tiles. The primary goal was to demonstrate the products, accentuate them and truly position them as the jewels of interior design. Located in a 400m² warehouse, it was essential not to merely fill the space with tiles but to combine oriental design with metropolitan luxury.


To achieve this, a gallery-type flow has been created that housed specific key areas designed to enhance communication and invoke play and creativity. Raw and warm materials were used throughout the showroom to balance the use of colour. The centrepiece of Kaolin Tile Gallery holds ‘Bar Sodalite,’ and discretely displayed to the side is the tea ceremony area. These two spaces represent both modern oriental elements and contemporary luxury under one roof.

The design of the Kaolin showroom is a testament to what can be achieved when colour, material, and craftsmanship are intertwined to create a beautiful symphony. The use of our product in the creation of a bar, tea area, and Art installations harmonise together not only to create different experiences for the users but also to break the stereotype of a run-of-the-mill tile showroom.


The space gives our customers a different experience, be it relaxing at the tea area, celebrating at the bar, viewing the large format tile displays, or admiring the art installation. We hope to inspire a paradigm shift in design practices. Our tiles embody the perfect harmony between aesthetics, ethics, and innovation, showcasing the possibility of coexisting beauty and sustainability.