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Kaolin Tiles Gallery event for Habitus House of the Year 2023 was an exciting celebration of the growing trend towards craftsmanship and the desire for a unique experience. Exploring the world of custom design left an unforgettable impression on the Sydney design scene. Reflecting on the highlights of a night that redefined bespoke interior design, exclusive mixology, and insightful discussions.

Wen Wang (Mr Wednesday) from Maybe Sammy.

Crafted Cocktails & Exclusive Atmosphere:


The event commenced with a sensory journey through the exquisite cocktails of Wen Wang from Maybe Sammy, a globally acclaimed cocktail bar. Guests were treated to specifically selected  and crafted drinks for this occasion, setting the tone of customisation for an evening of sophistication and creative exploration. The ambience, adorned with the elegance of Bar Sodalite, provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

Expert Panel Insights:


The heart of the evening unfolded with an engaging panel discussion featuring industry luminaries Alexandra Kidd and Rachel Luchetti. The speakers shared invaluable insights into the intricate art of customizing spaces to create unique and inspiring environments. Place that evoke a feeling. The emphasis on the importance of knowing manufacturers and building relationships resonated strongly, offering a glimpse into the dedication required to bring bespoke designs to life.

Advice for Designers on Customisation:


Moderator Aleesha steered the conversation towards practical advice for designers navigating the challenges of customization. Rachel Luchetti’s straightforward counsel— “Don’t be lazy. It’s hard work.” —reminded attendees of the commitment required to excel in the field. Alexandra Kidd’s encouragement to “be brave” served as a rallying cry, urging designers to embrace the demanding yet rewarding journey of bespoke design with resilience and determination.

The Essence of Customisation:


The prevailing theme was clear: customisation is an art that demands dedication, courage, and a profound understanding of the manufacturing process. Anton introduced Kaolin Tiles’ customisation range to the designers, and invited designers and architects to come in a talk to us about their ideas, highlighting the boundless possibilities in bespoke interior design. Kaolin Tiles’ commitment to collaboration was evident with us extending an invitation to the audience to our Kaolin X Taubmans Collaboration. And the exciting announcement of Kaolin Tiles’ collaboration

with Greg Natale for his upcoming collection added an extra layer of intrigue and anticipation, reinforcing the belief that collaboration between manufacturers and designers results in truly innovative and extraordinary designs. With Kaolin Tiles, the transformative power of collaboration is boundless, shaping the present and laying the foundation for an exciting and innovative future in bespoke interior design.
In conclusion, Kaolin Tiles together with Habitus House of the Year 2023 was more than an event; it was a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of bespoke excellence.

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