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Unveiling a Stunning Collaboration

In an fantastic celebration of colour, design, and innovation, Kaolin and Taubmans joined forces to create a ground-breaking collaboration that pushes the boundaries of porcelain and paint. Anton Bourtsev and Rita were at the helm of this unprecedented partnership, unveiling a collection that marries Kaolin's expertise in porcelain with Taubmans' mastery of colour. The result? Eight exquisite tiles inspired by Taubmans' 2024 colour forecast, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between two industry giants.

Kaolin Paint Collection | Taubmans Colour Forecast 2024

The Event Unveiling


Anton thanked everyone for coming to such a momentous occasion. He expressed his excitement about the creative synergy, emphasising the uniqueness of bringing together manufacturers at the forefront of porcelain and paint. He highlighted the significance of the collaboration, stressing that this venture was a global first. The event featured a star-studded panel, including James Treble, Fiona Dawson, Jason Mifsud, Sarah-Jane Pyke, Daniela Trippett, and Dr. Scott Skipworth.

Colour Forecast Insights

Fiona Dawson, the dynamic representative of Taubmans, delved into the essence of Taubmans Equilibrium 2024 Colour Forecast, emphasizing the theme of creating the perfect state of balance. This forecast, a harmonious blend of international inspiration and Australian context, features four palettes—Euphoric, Grounded, Composure, and Centered. Each palette tells a unique design story, providing a rich source of design inspiration. James Treble added there is so much of the Aboriginal landscape to draw from with colours like Nutmeg

Interpreting the latest Colours into Tiles

Jason Mifsud from Kaolin, provided the insights into translating Taubmans’ colour forecast into porcelain tiles. He shared the challenges faced in aligning paint tones with tile surfaces, highlighting the intricate manufacturing process involved. Jason emphasized the role of Kaolin’s design and manufacturing teams in seamlessly integrating colour and texture into our tile.
For the full panel discussion.

Panel Discussion Highlights

Designer, TV presenter and moderator James Treble steered the conversation towards the importance of colour in design, drawing attention to its evolution over the decades with Dr Scott Skipworth from Billy Blue College of Design. Daniela Tippett from Casabela, a talented property stylist with a passion for colour, shared insights on the transformative power of colour in property styling. Skilful colour use can add 13-15% value to a property. The discussion touched on the influence of trends, the resurgence of greens as neutrals, and the impact of colour on the emotional experience within a space. Addressing the changing market demands, award winning designer Sarah-Jane Pyke from Arent&Pyke acknowledged a shift towards richness, layering, and materiality in design. The importance of colour combinations, immersive experiences, and creating emotional connections to colour within spaces. Sarah-Jane also discussed the intentional observation of surroundings for inspiration and the impact of travel on design perspectives.

The Power of Collaboration


The panellists echoed the sentiment that collaboration is the future of design, emphasizing the strength that comes from merging expertise. Jason Mifsud highlighted the collaborative journey from a simple conversation to the development of a unique tile collection. Fiona Dawson added that the collaboration extends beyond the current tiles, with the potential for creating bespoke paints in the future. The enthusiasm for open collaboration and exploring new possibilities was palpable among the attendees.

Future Collaborations


During the discussion, the panellists shared their enthusiasm for collaborative efforts. Anton announced an exciting upcoming collaboration with acclaimed designer Greg Natale for the next year. Greg Natale, renowned for his exceptional use of patterns and colours in interior design, will bring his innovative approach to this project, creating sophisticated and tailored designs with porcelain tiles. This partnership promises to redefine artistic possibilities and inspire with its creativity and expertise.

Call to Action from Design Institute Australia



Sarah-Jane, as the New South Wales chair of the Design Institute of Australia, called for support and awareness for the recognition of interior designers in the Design Building Practitioners Act. For more information

Thank you to everyone who joined us.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed speakers who graced us with their colour expertise, experiences and insights.

A special appreciation goes to Daniela Tippett from Casabela for her exceptional styling, transforming the event into a visually stunning showcase. We are very grateful for the collaborative effort and support from everyone who contributed to bringing this vision to life.

A sincere thank you to Nood.co and Textured MDF, for their pivotal role in helping us design and realise our innovative tile installations, your products have played a significant part in making this collaboration a resounding success.

We are truly privileged to have had such a talented team supporting us, and we look forward to continued partnerships in the future.