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Future Range

Our Future Range offers a complete solution that covers most architectural spaces in an affordable, harmonious way.


Future Range starts at a very affordable price of $35AUDm² and offers a complete solution for your build with a range of finishes to suit all slip requirements.




Not only is our factory sustainable in its manufacturing, but all our raw materials are also ethically sourced within a 300km radius of our factory. Having a Global GreenTag Level A GreenRate certification means it can be used for assessment by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Giving you an economical option for all builds looking to achieve a green star rating 5 or above.


With no life expectancy on our porcelain tiles we provide a lifetime warranty.


Having issues with supply is common nowadays. Owning the manufacturing plant puts us in control. This direct contact allows us to have access to transparent information about stock levels, lead times, and shipping, making us reliable. We also track our containers, so we can keep you updated at all times.


As a manufacturer, we can provide any quantities needed for any size project. Having supplied to Beijing Daxing Airport or Chengdu New Century Global Centre (the largest building in the world). With our daily production capacity of over 70 000m² and stock holdings of over 8 million m² we can quickly service any size project.


We have a great range of sizes however if you have certain requirements we can assist you with any size. Come and talk to us.